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Bias Persists Against Women of Science, a Study Says


from 2012, here’s the actual article

All participants received the same materials, which were randomly assigned either the name of a male (n = 63) or a female (n = 64) student; student gender was thus the only variable that differed between conditions.”

assessed: (i) perceived student competence; (ii) salary offers, which reflect the extent to which a student is valued for these competitive positions; and (iii) the extent to which the student was viewed as deserving of faculty mentoring…In each case, the effect of student gender was significant (all P < 0.01), whereas the effect of faculty participant gender and their interaction was not (all P > 0.19).

plain english: female students are discriminated against in science simply for being women… by male AND female faculty.. in every measure assessed.

(Source: thethingsno-oneknows)


Hello! My name is Maria and I draw a webcomic in my free time. Thank you for your blog - it’s awesome, it made me think about a lot of things. Your rants, tips and critiques were really helpful and I like all your examples of good costumes and clothes. And I think because of you my armors became much more better than before.

So… I wanted to show this to you and hear(read?) your critique. 

Umm… this character is my token sexy lady who likes to mess with people and has a “WTFisthis” sense of style (Her casual clothes look like this ). So, I wanted to make her armor feminine yet practical, and since she’s more dexterous kind of warrior there’s no heavy armor plates.

Thanks again,


I love it as is! It’s ridiculously cute. I just had a couple of thoughts that you can take or leave at your leisure :)

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